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Laser Eye Surgery

Experience crystal clear vision without the use of contacts or eyeglasses and come visit King LASIK for a consultation with our laser eye surgeon. We specialize in advanced LASIK eye surgery, commonly known as laser eye surgery. This treatment is available at our six different office locations in Edmonton and Fort McMurray, Alberta, and Victoria, British Columbia, as well as Renton, Kennewick, and Vancouver, Washington.

A Highly Reputable Laser Eye Surgeon

Dr. Joseph King is a talented laser eye surgeon with a passion for helping patients enhance their vision and overcome their optical disorders. During the more than 10 years our practice has been in business, Dr. King has performed over 90,000 laser eye surgery procedures on a variety of patients, from celebrities and professional athletes to pilots, photographers, and military personnel.

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Dr. King and Family - Laser Eye Surgery

He uses state-of-the-art surgical and diagnostic technologies to diagnose patients accurately and provide them with treatment that has immediate, lasting results.

As a LASIK patient himself, Dr. King has a personal appreciation for the dramatic difference LASIK can have on a person's quality of life. Whether you are playing sports, using a computer, or watching your child's school play, everything is more enjoyable when you can see clearly.

Multiple Locations for Convenient Treatment

Our LASIK practice has multiple office locations in order to best serve our patients. Schedule a consultation at the office nearest you to learn more about the available treatment options. Together we can determine what treatment would work best for your optical needs. Our offices are located in:

 Fort McMurray, AB  Victoria, BC

 Edmonton, AB

The Ideal Optical Procedure for Your Condition

Vision correction surgery has numerous benefits for a multitude of eye problems, but we recognize that each patient requires an individualized approach. We carefully evaluate every patient before recommending the best form of treatment. There is a newly developed LASIK procedure called iLASIK™. It uses a new type of laser that further reduces the already low risk of complications during surgery. We also offer alternative treatment options to LASIK surgery that may help you see clearly without relying on glasses or contact lenses.

PRK surgery (photorefractive keratectomy) is an extremely safe form of laser eye surgery that differs slightly from LASIK. Instead of performing the treatment beneath the thin flap in the cornea, PRK directly targets the corneal surface. This type of refractive keratectomy surgery is even safer than LASIK and generally provides the same results, making it ideal for patients with thinner corneas or those that have had previous eye surgeries. PRK does require a longer healing period to recover fully, which is one reason LASIK is the more popular choice.

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