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Refractive Keratectomy Surgery in Fort McMurray, AB

Man Smiling - Refractive Keratectomy Surgery

If you suffer from eye abnormalities that prevent you from receiving LASIK surgery, you should take this opportunity to learn about the benefits of refractive keratectomy surgery. At King LASIK, our team is happy to educate you about this effective procedure during a consultation.

Once you are satisfied that this option is right for you, we can schedule a time and date for you to receive refractive keratectomy surgery in Fort McMurray, AB. If you live closer to Edmonton, Alberta, or Victoria, British Columbia, we have a refractive keratectomy surgeon at those locations as well.

Consulting with Your Refractive Keratectomy Surgeon

Refractive keratectomy, also known as photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), is the original technique used for laser eye surgery. It involves removing the corneal epithelium, the cornea's outer layer of tissue, and using an excimer laser to correct structural deficiencies with your eye.

Unlike LASIK, refractive keratectomy surgery does not require us to make a corneal slit. This makes it the ideal procedure for people with a higher risk of experiencing complications during LASIK surgery due to thin or irregularly shaped corneas. PRK is also the safer option if you have already had a radial keratotomy or glaucoma surgery. Other reasons to choose refractive keratectomy over LASIK surgery include having:

 Retinal Tears  Very Large Pupils  Certain Corneal Dystrophies

 A History of Physical Trauma (Boxers, Football Players)

Where Technology Meets Affordability

Our practice is proud to offer refractive keratectomy surgery using the most advanced equipment available. Although we invest in the latest medical technologies, we still maintain very competitive prices for our services. Everyone deserves to have good vision, and we ensure our treatment options are available to all people.

If you have difficulty paying for your procedure upfront, please ask about our financing options. We offer low-cost financing plans that allow you to pay in installments. These plans may also incorporate flexible spending accounts and financing through CareCredit and Chase Health Advance™.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a refractive keratectomy surgeon.
We proudly serve Edmonton and Fort McMurray, Alberta, as well as Victoria, British Columbia.