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Refractive Keratectomy Surgery in Victoria, BC

Man Smiling - Refractive Keratectomy Surgery
Under the care of a trained and experienced refractive keratectomy surgeon from King LASIK, you will have better eyesight than at any other time in your life. Refractive keratectomy surgery has improved greatly from new advancements in laser technology, making it safer and more convenient than ever before. We offer refractive keratectomy surgery in Victoria, BC, as well as Fort McMurray and Edmonton, Alberta.

What a Refractive Keratectomy Surgeon Can Do for You

Refractive keratectomy surgery is your opportunity to enjoy clear vision without the hassle of contact lenses and eyeglasses. Most people who receive this treatment have 20/20 vision after the procedure and no longer require the use of corrective eyewear.

Not only does this make life more convenient and enjoyable, but it will also save you thousands of dollars otherwise spent on corrective eyewear over the course of a lifetime.

The results of your surgery depend on your specific condition. Those with minor nearsightedness (myopia) typically have the most success. People with farsightedness or severe myopia have less predictable results, although they still experience a significant improvement in the acuity of their vision.

Smart Preparations for Safe Surgery

Meet with our refractive keratectomy surgeon to discuss the details of your surgery and the precautions you should take in preparation for it. Your preparation depends on the details of your condition and medical history, but there are some procedures that everyone should follow.

Contact lenses can reshape the cornea temporarily, and it is important that we perform the procedure while your cornea is in its natural shape. Therefore, you should refrain from wearing soft contact lenses for three days prior to both the initial eye examination and the actual surgery. If you wear rigid contact lenses, you will need to stop using them for three weeks before the evaluation and the surgery. 

Our team is always happy to lend advice and answer any questions you may have about patient protocol for refractive keratectomy surgery. We make sure you are feeling confident and relaxed throughout the whole process.

Contact us today and schedule examination appointment to see if you are a candidate for refractive keratectomy surgery.
We proudly serve Edmonton and Fort McMurray, Alberta, as well as Victoria, British Columbia.